Monday, March 10, 2008

St. Cecilia, you're breakin' my heart.

After reading about cell phone antennas too close to a school in Bay Ridge, I was reminded of a church down the street from me.

At the corner of North Henry St. and Herbert St. you'll find St. Cecilia. A humble, beautiful church; I think it's made of marble, or butter, yet it remains understated. I think it should be a Landmark--capital 'L'-- it's not though. The other day I noticed a boom-truck-vehicle-thing doing what I assumed was facade work.

It really is beautiful. There's a nice colonnade on Herbert and it was built in 1891; that's old.

If that bell tower structure can be described, metaphorically, as a phallus-like, then...

this, my friends, is a genital wart. That is the last cell phone antenna yet to be clad in wood and painted in a marble/butter-like manner. Unfortunately the City pleads "deference" to such "public utilities" and therefore we can't really protest it that much unless we want to pay higher cell phone bills or something like that. It's all laid out in DOB Technical and Policy Procedure Notice #5/98, and the City Council's "Briefing Paper of the Human Services and Infrastructure Divisions."

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