Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Monitor vs. Merrimac

The Monitor, of the Monitor vs. Merrimac, was built in Greenpoint. This sculpture commemorating the construction of that iron-clad ship is in McGolrick Park. I'll let you make a joke about the figure's foot that seems to be protruding out his rear.

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The Know-All said...

Hi - I know you post under the name "Fire Marshall Bill" on several blogs, specifically in reference to the Studio B rooftop garden.

I'll gladly take any of the advice you offered about how best to shut this down and/or make sure it stays neighborhood friendly. Construction continues onward as we speak...and I'm right behind the place. There's an interesting article today in the village voice about the opening.

You can email me at susanekowal (at) yahoo (dot) com. Many thanks.