Monday, May 5, 2008

Balloon of Terror

Saw this orange balloon[?] that was suspending what looked to be a box of sorts. I concluded it was either an act of terrorism or advertising or weather research. I lost interest after it didn't really move and went back to work; I think it was tethered to something but it was very high so that doesn't seem reasonable.


David said...

This is idle speculation, but I do know that real estate developers often float balloons with cameras attached to take pics of what the views from the top floors of proposed buildings will look like. It's a marketing gimmick. But it is probably terrorism.

Citizen Skein said...

I like that kind of speculation. While I estimate that that balloon was about 2K+ feet up, much higher than any new building around here, I wouldn't put it past a developer to exaggerate their position.

That said, it was probably a dry run of some act of terrorism.

Ché said...

Looks like a paratrooper, a gay paratrooper as it looks like a flaming orange parachute, breaking into the tombs? (looks like the tombs, I know from first hand experience). But probably just gay terrorism.