Friday, May 23, 2008

Crazy People

I just want to be clear, I only have a passing interest in the subject of 149 Kane Street. When I first met the neighbor last November who sent me the craptacular back yard pictures, I passed them on as I know some parties were very interested in this house; I knew it had to be shared. However, if you want to debate the finer points of asbestos hygiene, the building or fire code and--of course zoning--I'll gladly join in that discourse if you buy me lunch. I'm cheap: a couple hot dogs, small cheese fries and a papaya juice will do me right.

I would like to share some of the words from the neighbor who has been dealing with the situation for several years and done quite a bit of legwork on how to address it properly; whatever that means.

"The blog on the Crazy Ladies House was great. I had no idea that the house as been talked about so much. I was amazed that there was other blogs and that the house is referred to has Rat-Squirrel House. I have never seen any rats coming/going or hanging out in the house. I realize that there has to be rats in there, but they are not hanging out on the windows... That is a squirrel in the window of that picture... We refer to them as The Crazy Squirrels. They're like a little family, they go from our fire escape to Crazy Ladies house all day long sometimes stopping to say hello. If rats were that visible and we were able to take picture of this. I would be able to use this in our fight and I think that would be something that could not be ignored by the Department of Buildings or the Health Department which we have call and complained to for years."

So it's actually the crazy ladies' house afterall. Perfect segue to the crazy guy that lives alone in a 8-900K dollar house alone on my block. This is his car. It is stripped in the interior except for driver and passenger seats; it makes it easier to transport the bodies.
I'm not sure what those half cylinders are for but that definitely says "BECAUSE GOD IS A MITOCHNODRIAL DNA RACIST-RETARDO." The bronze plaque on the side read "Anti Embedded Mossad Party."
And of course, the license plate says "Mortal." It's a Virginia plate. The word on the street is he is an ex-CIA guy gone nuts--so the VA plate makes sense--but that's not me saying that. I'm not complaining about anything this guy does, ever; nor the state of his property and the structure situated upon it. Every thing's cool by me.

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