Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hold it in!

I remembered an article I read in the Times in '04 that basically said all the walk signal buttons throughout the City are crap; there's actually quite a bit written on the subject. However, one Mr. Primeggia notes that there are working buttons but the "working buttons are only at intersections where the walk signal will never come unless the button is pushed or a car trips the sensor." He notes a few examples like some intersection with the Belt Parkway.

Well, I've discovered another exception at the corner of Graham Ave and Frost Street which doesn't seem to fit the criteria Mr. Primeggia outlined. Interesting; this baby was just installed. Look at that shiny new aluminum[?].

Below you will see Celeste give it a try. At 9 months and 4 days pregnant, she's too fatigued to push the button hard enough and hold it in[!] (what I believe to be the secret). It actually will turn the flashing don't walk on almost immediately. We were actually successful on two other occasions tonight. On my go at it, you'll notice I lean into it; if you turn your speakers up you can hear that the button needs some grease. Maybe I'll squirt it with some WD-40.

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