Friday, June 13, 2008

The 8-7

This is the 87th precinct; however, any real police would refer to it as the 8-7. My uncle has worked in the 1-2-0 for a long time. I never carry a PBA card, but I did have to mention, only a couple times, I was related to good police; they believed me cause I didn't say he worked in the 120th precinct.

Anyhoo, my neighbor Teddy had mentioned that some guy had written a series of novels and he had named it after this particular precinct. It turns out Teddy was truthing because "Long before Hill Street Blues, Homicide, and NYPD Blue, there was Ed McBain's 87th PRECINCT. The series began in 1956 with Cop Hater. Although not the first procedural, it was one of the first and the 87th Precinct has come to virtually define the genre. The books generally feature an ensemble cast and multiple plot lines. Although the books vary in quality, on the whole this is a major series, a classic of American crime fiction that has entertained, enlightened and influenced the genre for over three decades (and counting!)"
It's pretty much abandoned, except for the vagrants that sleep on the stoop. I'm convinced Mr. Bloomberg ought to cede it to me. My plan is to make a petition that you--gentle reader--can "sign." Until I muster up the strength to find out how to make an online petition, please feel free to express your support--or lack there of--for my cause in the comments section below. We will petition the mayor to install me as the steward of the garage, pictured below, of which I can alter into my home. In return, I'll keep the vagrants off the stoop of the precinct proper. Promise.

Please note the weird-ass detail: the single, stumpy little column on the eastern side of that arch. That's a brutalistic detail, right?
Below is the garage. That would make a fine home. Love those circular openings.

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