Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Child Care

This guy owns a building on Nassau (pictured below). He runs a day-care out of the first floor. It's a black building with Chinese characters in white on the facade. He keeps all the bibs from the marathon in his front window. I want him to care for Amelia during the day. I asked him one day and he said no, with a smile though. I'm going to keep working on him.

Above: That's his CTV (child transport vehicle) with seating for six behind the gate.

Above: Pooh in camo, a white tiger, G.W., Rambo, marathon bibs.

Below: I believe that is the Twin Towers with one tower supporting the Statue of Liberty and the other supporting a cross with an eagle--possibly an angel--on top of the cross. You can't get much more patriotic than that.

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