Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Humbolt Street: Highway to the Danger Zone?

Certainly not, but these two clowns seem to be operating in the danger zone. A lot of people are talking about construction safety as two cranes have recently fallen from the sky in what can only be described as pure tragedy. As we debate publicly how reform can best be instituted, I only ask that you--gentle reader--consider how far government can regulate the behavior of contractors without seriously impeding the City's economic engine. Let's all say it together: this town doesn't run on Dunkin'™, it runs on real estate.

Please click on the photo below to see, in full detail, exactly how dumb this is. They're a good 40' feet up passing a piece of that insulation siding from the roof to the floor below. No protection whatsoever.


Justine said...

Eeek! These people are crazy!

Working in the construction safety field for a couple of years I learned amazingly that many of them 'hate' using their equipment. Equipment meant to save their lives! But isn't that how it always is?

Citizen Skein said...

Agreed, Justine. It's always dorky to put on the safety goggles, but it'll save your eye, right?