Saturday, July 12, 2008


I assume that's French and I'm also assuming it means Warning: Crazy Talk. Please feel free to correct me in the comments.

There's got to be a story to this structure, so I'm going to make one up. The first CO on record shows it was a five story 18 family building with two stores also. Now it's a one family dwelling. CO says the alteration was completed in '89 under ALT 1479/88.

That's a score for whoever hooked that up. I'm jealous.
Personally, I'm infatuated with the extreme verticality of this two story structure. Exaggerating the vertical on a 2-story building? That's crazy talk. Or is it?

Let's start with the 4 unbroken pilasters (think column attached to a wall) on the facade.

Each pilaster has 8 vertical ribs. In turn, each white brick window inset has 8 vertical courses of bricks. That's an odd detail.Keeping it real right down to the wood plank doors.

My guess is that the over crowded (18 family, 5-story structure burned) burned and the upper 3 stories were laid to waste in the mid 80's. Some dude bought the remains and built himself a fine 2-story single family home. Then end.

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Dan said...

It's "mad (crazy) cat" or "lunatic cat." I'd stay away from that place.