Sunday, July 27, 2008

More of the 8-7.

Delicate iron and brick work

These iron flowers each have a square nut in the center and are dripping NYPD blue paint. They're located in the beam that frames out the top of the garage door. I'll bet that each one connects to a tie-rod on the other side. It could be purely decorative, but I hope not. I have no idea why that hook is attached to the lower flange.

The header for that window is bizarre to me. Wouldn't you expect to see some sort of element, perhaps a little column like in the center there, supporting the header--visually anyway? The longer you look at this building, the stranger it becomes.I would like to point out that signage on the back facade--the NYPD recruitment ad--does not conform with zoning. It's a nice ad though

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