Monday, August 4, 2008

Citizen Skein

I thought I'd explain my handle, Citizen Skein, because I feel like it.

Back when I got my first iPod (3G) I was knitting--still do during the winter time. I loved my iPod so much I started knitting erotic cozies. It was basically a sock that terminated just below the screen. Then I knitted an I-cord (that's the technical knitting term for a knitted cord and completely coincidental) that connected to the sock on one side, went up the back and around the headphone jack and back down; this constituted the "thong." The asymmetrically placed headphone jack that appeared, and became standard, after the 3G model threw me off so I quit.

Joel Johnson, who wrote for Gizmodo at the time and Boing Boing these days, was kind enough to document it in the summer of '04. I've seen iThong on the intertubes since then, but I'm pretty sure I thought it up first.
Please note that I used mohair and such to accentuate the yoni that surrounds the button. It sort of bordered on pornographic as you had to gently part the opening to access the button or spin the wheel.

So to summarize: citizen journalist + erotic knitting = Citizen Skein

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