Monday, March 16, 2009

Warning Sign

Near Meeker and Monitor:


By intoxicated I think the sign maker is referring to one of 227 hazardous waste sites that exist in Greenpoint. Sure there are the big name sites like the Greenpoint Petroleum plume and the Meeker plume being overseen by the NYSDEC. Then again, the sign maker could be an angry drunk that likes to kick dogs if they trespass on his property. In this topsy-turvy world, who knows.

Did I ever mention my wife is a chemical engineer who works in environmental engineering? Discussing this post she pointed me towards the EPA's Envirofacts Warehouse which led me to discover something interesting: one of the 227 hazardous waste sites is the 8-7. That's right, the old precinct I wanted a portion of to build my home is a hazardous waste site. I'm not so envious of the prospective low-income tenants now; but then again, I'm still combing the list of sites. I'm pretty certain my house is on the list.

Below: very scary map courtesy of the USEPAIf you want to check hazardous waste sites in your neighborhood, simply follow this link to the USEPA and type in your zip code.

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