Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Greenpoint Car Wash

Waiting for the car to come out of the Greenpoint Car Wash this sign caught my eye. It ends "[o]ur service is available only for clients who agree with the policy above."

Please not that the are not responsible for the following; 1-3 seem pretty normal:

"4. Stripes, spots, cement, paint, stick dirt. Any kind of scratches."
"5. Car on-off (problems with starting engine)"
"6. People in the car (We are not responsible for injuries)" [Ed. note: does this mean if one of their workers hurts themselves in your car, it's on the customers dime?]
"7. Opening for Locked Automatic Door"
I completely understand this business owner's need to cover his proverbial ass. I find the sign not only informative, but also humorous. My only suggestion would be to move it to the entrance, as opposed to the exit, of the car wash.

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