Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Mayor of McGolrick Park

So I've been taking a lot of photos of the drunks that hang out in front of my dog run. The man pictured below, who calls himself the mayor, was having a bad day. As you can see, his pants were half torn off; I'm guessing there's a pretty funny reason for that. The woman in front of him brought him over a bottle of water and was leading him to pants, I presume, but he didn't follow long. Please make sure you click on this photo.
You can see below that he had a stash of short shorts nearby.

The characters are always the same and I don't think they're homeless--which was a surprising revelation.
I got upset with them(they throw bottles and trash in the dog run and break bottles all over; no decorum) a few weeks ago and started taking pictures of them to document my beef. They're actually an interesting lot. Often you'll see the men spooning or napping, head in lap, as they lie passed out on the bench; it's really cute.


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