Monday, June 30, 2008

"Breakdown, Im standing here, can you see? " -Tom Petty

I'm going to change to name of the author of this video to protect the innocent. Seriously. I was physically detained by the DOB borough manager recently for taking a picture; no search but it was incredibly intrusive. I'm not the only one either. I told them they should just put up a sign that says "No Photography" similar to our bridges and tunnels. They already have signs that say no eating, drinking, gratuities, etc... Stay classy, DOB.

So this video was taken by "Rosie Perez." She's an expediter that has to stand in The Line and this is her letting her supervisor know that she's having a bit of trouble executing her duties, via crappy cell phone video. At the beginning of the video, you'll see the FD inspector who was there writing the DOB a couple violations; he looks sharp in a nicely pressed blue shirt and black tie.

Make sure your speakers are at a reasonable level before playing this video.

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