Sunday, June 29, 2008

Public Service Announcements

I'm glad to see my neighbor has a couple new PSA's. I like that he took the time to put a ® at the end of each message. I was scared I might end up in the back so I didn't stick around for a detail. You can kind of see it above the "Y" in "BOY."
Below: The glittery medium makes it hard to read; "BECAUSE GOD IS YOUR RIGHT BRAIN STUPID."


SWATS said...

We love when this neighbor updates posts too! We've been trying to crack the meanings in an attempt to get a read on this guy's psyche, but i think we are not even close to understanding him.

Thanks for the post, i think i'll send this around to see if my friends can help decipher.

BTW, got any pics of his abortion van? the one with "Jesus is aborted" on it?

Citizen Skein said...

That's pure gold: Jesus is aborted. My friend Robert owns a house across the street and has lived there forever. He said there were other vehicles with other messages but I didn't know about the aborted Jesus. He did mention that there were some anti-semitic messages.

If you look close at his front bumper, you'll see what looks like a State Department sticker or something. I'm scared to get too close and take a pic of that, but maybe I'll have a few cocktails and do it.

Did I mention the new X-Files movie is coming out soon?

Thanks for the comment.