Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Local Man Becomes 3-Day Jeopardy Champion

I've lived in Greenpoint for nearly 5 years and for almost 5 years I have religiously attended the Quizz Off at Pete's Candy Store. And for five years I've suffered repeated losses of varying degrees, always consoling myself with the fact that Pete's--in my estimation--is The hardest trivia night in the five boroughs.

It just so happens that one of the fixtures of the Pete's Quizz Off scene is Brian Levinson. Brian recently became a 3-day Jeopardy champion winning just over 72 thousand dollars. Not bad, eh? He's a total ham, but now he's my ham.

I will point out that he doesn't mention Pete's by name in the above player interview. No shout-out? I will also point out that he refers to it as "pub quiz" which is even worse than the official "Quizz Off." Dugong though? High five, Brian!

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