Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Swinging Hammers

This morning I was a bit startled to find a demo crew, demoing the 8-7. It seems that the conversion to affordable housing (under article 7b of the Multiple Dwelling Law), as previously reported on newyorkshitty, has begun. And while I'm a bit disheartened that my plan to commandeer ownership of the garage of this defunct precinct have been foiled, I'm glad to see something happening. Yay.

So this is the main entrance. I was late for work so didn't get any further. Plus the stench of urine and fears of asbestos were enough of a deterrent to go any further.
Below is the spiral stair in the garage. I like the black iron detail the stair treads sit on.
Barrels of what must surely be bad chemicals in the garage.
A laborer, laboring.

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