Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Man With a Blowgun

That thing in his left hand: blowgun. Seriously.

I risked it all for you, gentle reader, to get this photo. I was following him and he turned around, took aim at some passers by, and possibly fired something at them. It all happened so fast I couldn't tell if anything actually came out of the barrel.


mike said...

Um, did you call the cops?

Citizen Skein said...

That's a good question, Mike. Actually I didn't. I wasn't sure if citizen journalists are held to the same standard as real journalists (e.g. reporters covering a famine don't feed the famished). In hindsight, I probably should have mentioned to the authorities that there was a dude on West 23rd brandishing a blowgun. I'll be more thoughtful going forward. Thanks for the comment.