Saturday, September 27, 2008

Teach a Man to Fish...

I love unfounded rumor mongering just as much as the next guy, but this is silly. Everyone, starting with Gothamist, seems to think 176 Bedford (the Salvation Army) was sold to Steve Jobs. It's really not hard to find out if that has any basis in truth. Just in case you ever want to know who owns what, the following is what you need to do to access property records from the Department of Finance's Office of the City Register:

1) Get the building's house number: 176 Bedford Avenue
2) Use the DOB's BIS site to translate that into a Block and Lot: 2319/23
3) Use the DOF's ACRIS site to "search property records"

Voila, you've got a list with pdf links to all documents recorded with the City Register; they include deeds and, drum roll please, 176 Bedford is still owned by the Salvation Army and has been since June 12th, 1974.

So that settles that. That's not to say a deal isn't in the works, but Gothamist's anonymous "sources" are going to have to do better than providing absolutely no evidence of a sale to convince me the building was sold.

If you're going to keep track of this at home, you'd be well advised to note that Apple will probably partner with an owner/developer and sign a triple net lease. Therefore, you may not see Apple appear on any forthcoming deeds.


anotherqueue said...

thanks for this.

on this topic, do we know what is happening at the infected lot of mcguinness/meeker?

seems as if WD Partners have been filing the documents? will this be the new Benihana of Greenpoint?

Citizen Skein said...

No problem. I live super close to that brown field. Do we you have the address? I'm too lazy to figure it out.

Justine said...

Very true, but I think you know the DOB just as well - if not better than I do - they're not exactly quick to update everything.

But I definitely agree it's probably just a rumor!

Citizen Skein said...

True. ACRIS is through the DOF but all city agencies suck. Though I'm starting to wonder if Gothamist has just taken to making shit up to drive more traffic to their site. Regurgitating tabloid headlines might not be cutting it anymore. That, however, is just a nasty rumor.