Friday, April 24, 2009


As I've previously noted (1, 2), every morning while I am transferring from the L to the 2/3, I walk a block underground. The passageway is about 10-12 feet wide. Those two crappy free newspapers pay two dudes to stand in the middle of this public way taking up no less than half of it. It doesn't help that they recently moved right next a 18-24" trash can. Apparently my previous efforts to shame them into stopping this practice were unsuccessful. I don't understand why they don't just neatly stack the papers in the corner of the ramp at 7th Ave and go have breakfast each morning.

This situation is completely out of hand. I'd go through 311 if I thought it would help. I'm asking anyone reading this who experiences this problem during their commute to boo and hiss at these guys in the hopes that, one day, we can take back the 5 to 6 feet of clear width of passageway for the people.

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